Bet on BTC going down

  • Amelia is bearish on BTC in the short term.

  • She deposits USDC into the Jet V2 application, which immediately begins earning interest.

  • Using her USDC as collateral, she sets up a leverage swap from BTC to USDC, which will borrow BTC and swap it for USDC in the same transaction. She is now short BTC/USDC.

  • She clicks the โ€œmax leverageโ€ button and executes the swap.

  • Amelia was correct! The price of BTC drops from where Amelia sold it.

  • This is a short term trade for Amelia, so she wants to take profit.

  • She goes back to the swap screen and reverses the order of the swap so that it will swap USDC to BTC.

  • She clicks the โ€œaccount balanceโ€ button in order to trade all of the USDC in her account for BTC.

  • She also clicks the toggle button labeled โ€œrepay BTC loanโ€ on the order panel so that her BTC debt will be repaid in the same transaction as the swap.

  • She will be left with only USDC in her account, the original amount + profits.

  • Amelia successfully borrowed BTC at a higher price than she repaid it at, earning a profit!

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