How to Connect to the Devnet Application using Phantom wallet

Load application in browser and set to devnet

To begin, navigate to where you will be greeted by the following page. Click the gear icon in the top right corner, highlighted in the image below.

Choose β€œDevnet” for the β€œNetwork” setting and click the β€œSave Preferences” button.

Change wallet network to devnet

Next, you need to change the network in your wallet to Devnet. Assuming that you are using Phantom wallet (the most popular Solana wallet).

Create a new wallet

Create a fresh wallet. In Phantom, navigate again to the wallet settings in the upper left, then click the account shown, followed by the β€œAdd/Connect Wallet” button, and finally β€œCreate a new account”

Connect to the application with your new wallet

Back in the Jet application, click the β€œConnect” button in the upper right corner.

Now that you've connected to the app with your wallet on devnet, the next step is to airdrop SOL and USDC to test the application with.

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