Create a Margin Account and Deposit USDC

Create a Margin Account

Now it’s time to create a margin account! Click the button to do so, and confirm the account creation in the modal that pops up. Then, approve the transactions in your wallet.

The "Deposit" Action

Now that we have a margin account, let’s deposit our airdropped 100,000 USDC to the margin account and start trying out the fixed term application.

Click the β€œdeposit” button on the main application view.

Select USDC to Deposit

On the popup modal, click β€œSOL” to see a dropdown of other tokens, and select USDC.

Choose How Much USDC to Deposit

You can choose to deposit all 100,000 USDC in one of three ways: by clicking β€œmax”, by clicking your wallet balance, or by dragging the slider to 100%. Finally, click the β€œdeposit” button and approve the transaction in your wallet to actually submit the deposit transaction.

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