Configuring and Using Autoroll

Autoroll Lends and Borrows for Multiple Terms

The optional "autoroll" feature allows lenders to loan out their cash over multiple terms, totally hands-off without needing any intervention. Similarly, borrowers may elect to continuously borrow across terms. If a borrower account lacks the required collateral at any point during a term, it will be subject to liquidation as normal.

Toggling autoroll before submitting an order

After selecting a market on the borrowing or lending side of the market, click the toggle in the order panel:

If it is your first time toggling autoroll for that market, a popup will prompt you to enter the minimum lend rate and maximum borrow rate that you are willing to autoroll your filled borrows and lends at.

You may return to edit these settings at any time by selecting the market in question for which you want to change the autoroll thresholds, and then clicking the "edit" icon in the order panel next to the autoroll toggle:

Toggling autoroll after an order has been filled

After a fill has occurred and a lend or borrow is active, autoroll may also be toggled for that debt by toggling it off and on in the debt table below the order panel and order book chart:

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