Devnet Test Funds Guide

A step-by-step guide to accessing and using the version of Jet's Fixed Rate application

The following subpages contain guides to understanding and using the fixed term application in its current form on Devnet - please be aware real funds with real value cannot be used on Devnet.

If you find bugs, have UX/UI suggestions, general questions, etc, please visit the forum at

For accessing the application on Devnet:

pageHow to Connect to the Devnet Application using Phantom wallet

For airdropping devnet SOL and USDC to use with the application:

pageHow to Airdrop SOL and USDC to Test the Application

To create a margin account and deposit USDC:

pageCreate a Margin Account and Deposit USDC

Descriptions of the borrow and lend actions you can take in the Fixed Term application:

pageFixed Rate Order Types - Maker vs Taker Orders

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