Jet Protocol
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JET Token

JET token is a native Solana-based SPL token. JET is a utility token which enables token holders governance voting rights.
Such voting rights grant the token holder the authority to change and upgrade Jet Protocol, including voting for or against new types of collateral to be added to the protocol.
Token Address: JET6zMJWkCN9tpRT2v2jfAmm5VnQFDpUBCyaKojmGtz
Defi Llama TVL tracker: https://defillama.com/protocol/jet
Where can I read the tokenomics?

DAO Treasury

JET tokens belonging to the JetDAO treasury are located at the pubkey daopBpi53hHMRQLX7wSMF14A272a9L6w3nqVjb11mrH
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