Leverage Swaps

Jet Leverage Swaps enables spot margin trading from your Jet margin account, through any external swap venues whitelisted for trading by Jet. User swaps are automatically routed through the cheapest path. Current available venues are Orca, OpenBook, and Saber.

Leveraged Swaps works in tandem with Jet’s powerful margin accounts to permit users to harness capital efficiency and maximize returns by putting their assets to work for trading, lending, and borrowing purposes.

Potential strategies abound and include pair trading, directional leverage trades, delta neutral strategies to harvest SOL staking yield utilizing LSD tokens, hedging, and more.

Check out some examples for how to use leverage swaps to long, short, pair trade, and bet on a depeg:

pageLeverage Swaps Example User Stories

And check out this page on concepts and terminology:

pageLeverage Swaps Concepts and Terms

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