🛫Jet Products

Margin Pools: Jet's pool-based model for lending and borrowing with JetDAO-approved assets. More information on how interest rates are calculated for Margin Pools can be found on the Interest Rates on Margin Pools page.

Margin Accounts: Flexible margin accounting and collateral system that allow users to lend and borrow from Margin Pools. (Also extendable to compose and integrate with other DeFi protocols with adapters).

More information on accounting regarding Margin Account can be found on the Margin Accounts Accounting page.

Leverage Swaps: Spot margin trading with up to 15x leverage facilitated by SPL, Saber, Orca AMM pools, Openbook CLOB DEX, and Jet Margin Accounts.

Fixed Rate Markets: A continuous market for fixed rate and fixed term debt provisioning. Borrowers and lenders can negotiate interest rates through a groundbreaking central limit order book ("CLOB") market. Jet's Fixed Rate application initially launches 1 day and 30 day tenors for both USDC and SOL.

Airspaces: Where both permissioned and permissionless product segments exist ("Jet Airspaces"). This allows institutions, businesses, DAO's or any type of organization to participate in various markets and take advantage of the products in configurable "walled gardens" that fulfill KYC/AML requirements. Additionally, permissionless "DeFi" zones still exist.

JetGovern: Governance application for JetDAO proposals, voting, staking, and airdrop.

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