Jet Protocol

How to get Jet Protocol Devnet Tokens with Phantom Wallet

Jet Protocol is happy to announce the launch of our platform on Devnet! 🥳
Testing on Devnet is incredibly useful to developers and users when integrating into any platform for running liquidations, trading or market making without risking tokens with real monetary value. Jet Protocol invites our community to interact with our platform and its current reserves using our in-app airdrop mechanism explained in this guide.
Please note that these airdropped tokens do not have any monetary value and cannot be traded for anything. They are to be used for simulating the borrowing and lending functions on the platform and to test for functionality.
Your feedback whilst using the app on Devnet is highly appreciated and will help us improve the overall experience of our platform as we transition to Mainnet. Have fun!
1. Log into your Phantom Wallet and connect to devnet.jetprotocol.io
2. Click the Settings button in the bottom right corner
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3. Select Change Network
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4. Select Devnet
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5. Click on the Parachute Icon on the right to get an Airdrop for a specific token/coin
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6. You should get a notification telling you to refresh the page. After refreshing the page, you should see the tokens in your wallet on Devnet.
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If you run into any issues, try the following:
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies
  • Refresh the page
  • Disconnect and reconnect your wallet to the app
If these don't work, head over to our Discord where our team will be happy to help!